Steve and Rachel – Cincinnati, OH

Our experience with the Cure Right Concrete Cover was exceptional! We plan to stay in our home for a very long time and wanted to make sure our investment in new concrete would be protected for many years.

We’d been to many friends and family’s homes where we noticed their concrete driveway, sidewalk or patio didn’t look very good. It was cracking or crumbling in places and their homes weren’t even that old! So we did a little research and found that the concrete cover would likely prevent these deformities from occurring, was very cost-effective, and easy to install ourselves.

It turned out to be an extremely simple process… so easy that all we needed was the concrete cover, a hose, and water. The Cure Right Concrete Cover stayed in place perfectly, no matter the weather, and we just tossed it when the curing process was complete.

It was amazing to check it after a few days and see how perfectly moist the concrete had remained, even though the weather was dry. We’re confident our concrete will look better and stay stronger for much longer because we used the Cure Right Concrete Cover.